Preventative Medicine

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

As the cost of health care rises for our pets, we are recognizing that stopping a problem before it starts, or at least catching a problem in it’s early stages, can be a very good thing.

All pets need an annual exam. Senior pets, whose health can change more rapidly, can benefit from a full exam every 6 months. These exams are comprehensive and allow us to become familiar with your pet from nose to tail.

Vaccines are an important part of disease prevention. We will discuss your pet’s risk for exposure to disease and choose the vaccine program that best fits your pet’s needs.

Parasite prevention and treatment is necessary for most pets. We can recommend the best options for your dog or cat with the goal of protecting your pet from infections with intestinal worms, heartworms, fleas, ticks, ear mites, etc.

Parasite screening tests are recommended yearly. A fecal parasite screen helps us identify infection and assess your pet’s risks for intestinal parasites. And it’s true, we have diagnosed cases of mosquito-borne heartworm parasite in dogs! A heartworm blood test is recommended to screen your dog for this disease, which can sometimes be present without your dog showing signs.

We offer a selection of health screening bloodwork options. Regularly testing your pet’s blood at a young age can help us establish a baseline of normal organ function for your pet. This can also aid in early detection of disease. Monitoring organ function in senior pets helps us to make the best recommendations for their diet, treatment with medications, and quality of life.

Tumor monitoring is another benefit of regular exams. While we will pick up lumps during the annual exam, many owners will find lumps on their pets at home while petting or grooming between exams. We can diagnose the nature of tumors and make recommendations for treatment.


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