General Medicine

We know that sometimes life would be easier if your pet could speak and tell us where he hurts or why she is sick. But since she can’t, we also know that a thorough physical exam can be worth a thousand words. From nose to tail, your pet will receive a complete health evaluation by the doctors at Companions.

We look inside your pet’s mouth, examine the eyes, scope inside the ears, listen to his heart and lungs, feel the lymph nodes and belly, observe for and feel any problems with joints and skin.

We are comfortable treating a variety of general health conditions such as dermatology and dental.

We will often use other laboratory tests to assist us in diagnosing diseases.

In-house lab machines allow us to get fast answers if your pet is critically ill. We can test her blood or urine, take x-rays, or use the microscope in our hospital. For complete health profiles, fecal tests, biopsies, etc. Idexx laboratories in Portland provides us with overnight results.

In any case, the doctors at Companions will do their best to communicate with you about the best options available for your individual pet’s needs.

We try to make comfort and quality of life a priority.

Your pet deserves the best medicine available

At Companions, you will find a friendly, knowledgeable staff that wants what is best for you and your pet. Our goal is to provide excellent veterinary services with top of the line products.


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