Skin diseases and allergies are very common in Idaho and can be some of the most frustrating conditions for you, your pet and your vet!

There are many causes for skin diseases: parasites, food allergies, allergies to pollens or molds in the environment, autoimmune diseases, fungal diseases, cancers etc.

We use skin cytology (scraping the skin and examining it under the microscope), skin biopsies (sending a piece of skin to the pathologist) allergy tests, food trials and a large amount of patience to help us diagnose your pet’s condition.

Cheat awns are a common problem for pets in the summer and get in ears, between toes, under eyelids, and many other areas.

IF we can’t get your pet’s skin condition resolved, we will refer you to a dermatologist, Dr. Andrea Cannon, who visits Boise every month. We will work with her to get the best treatment possible.

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