Fun With Pets

  • Protect Your Pets with These Water Safety Tips

    There's nothing better than cooling off in a pool, lake or the ocean on a hot day, particularly if you wear a fur coat year-round. Unfortunately, our pets aren't aware of the dangers that water can pose. A few precautions can help you ensure that your pet enjoys the water safely this summer. Can Your

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  • Traveling with Your Pet

    Traveling with your pet can be rewarding but challenging if not enough preparation has been made. Planning will help your trip go smoother and should include acquiring any paperwork that is needed, consideration of the temperatures to be experienced and how to deal with them, and obtaining equipment

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  • The Pet Economy

    If there's still any doubt whether the pampering of pets is getting out of hand, the debate should be settled once and for all by Neuticles, a patented testicular implant that sells for up to $919 a pair. The idea, says inventor Gregg A. Miller, is to "let people restore their pets to anatomical preciseness"

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  • Get Down With Your Dog

    Did you know? Most people who practice yoga refer to the poses and terms in Sanskrit. Sanskrit is known as a classical language once used in India. Here are some of the most common terms: Doga: Yoga for dogs Dogi: A dog who practices yoga.

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  • Having a Positive Experience at the Dog Park

    Human Etiquette Tips for the Dog Park Before visiting a dog park, call your veterinarian to ensure your dog is current on all core immunizations and a Bordetella vaccination. Your dog should be current on his flea and tick preventatives. Always pick up any feces your dog may produce. Turn

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  • Camping With Your Pets

    Items to Include in Your Pet's First Aid Kit Ongoing Medication Betadine Solution - to clean and disinfect wounds Hydrogen Peroxide Topical Antibiotic Ointment Basic Bandaging Materials: gauze squares,

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  • Canine Environmental Enrichment

    Stimulation Is Important for Cats Too  Just like their canine counterparts, cats need stimulation. Boredom in cats can prevent itself as inter-cat aggression, over eating, anxiety or over-grooming as seen similarly in dogs, but environment enrichment can help here too. Since cats are

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  • A Tired Dog is a Happy Dog

    Which Breed is for You? Along with the sound advice of your veterinarian, the Pet Selector can help you find a breed of dog or cat that is the right fit for you and your home. The Pet Selector is an interactive quiz that will ask you questions like: "How

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