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  • Stephanie - Head Veterinary Technician

    Stephanie is an Idaho native and graduated from the College of Southern Idaho in 2007 with her degree in Veterinary Technology. She has been helping the clients and furry patients at companions Animal Hospital since 2008. Stephanie shares her home with 4 cats and her little toothless Chihuahua, Taco, who she rescued earlier this year. In her spare time, Stephanie enjoys spending time with family, and friends, volunteering her time helping at other non-profit animal rescues and taking advantage of the many recreational activities we have here in the beautiful Treasure Valley.

  • Aubree - Veterinary Technician

    Aubree is a Boise Native! She is happily married and lives with two crazy dogs and 2 silly cats. When she isn’t helping animals, she enjoys going to the gym, hiking, finding hot springs to soak in and singing. Aubree has been employed since 2013. She took a 2 year break from working at Companions to go to school but rejoined the team early in 2016. She started volunteering at the Idaho Humane Society when she was 7 years old, but knew helping animals was her calling since an early age.

  • Laura - Veterinary Technician

    Laura and her husband, Jayce, live in Boise with their two dogs, Bella and Zola, and two cats, Ned and Nia. In her off time, she loves traveling, outdoor activities and spending time with friends and family. Laura has been employed with Companions since June of 2016. In 2007, she began volunteering at a local vet clinic where she had the opportunity to learn assisting. She earned her Veterinary Technology degree in 2011 and has been helping animals ever since.

  • Meagan - Veterinary Technician

    Meagan joined the companion’s family in May of 2014 after receiving a Bachelor in Social Sciences at BSU. She enjoys everything outdoorsy but especially horseback riding, fishing and camping. Since becoming a Technician she has found her favorite part of her job is caring for hospitalized patients. She lives in Nampa Idaho with her husband, cat, 3 dogs, 3 goats, chickens, ducks and a goose named Beau.

  • Leah - Veterinary Technician

    Leah has been working at Companions Animal Hospital since February of 2016. In January, she moved to Idaho from Santa Barbara, California, where she worked eleven years as a veterinary technician. She has 3 dogs and 3 cats. She enjoys spending her free time horseback riding and hiking with her dogs Ozzy, Bailey and Rio and her husband , Alex.

  • Suzie Office Administrator/Receptionist

    Suzie started working for Companions in May of 2005. She is the mom of one cat, Max (who thinks he is a dog). She has 31 nieces and nephews and lobes to spoil them. Her favorite things to do are picking huckleberries in the summer and taking drives in the mountains to take pictures, rain or shine!

  • Alaine - Receptionist

    Alaine started her veterinary technician career in Washington State at an all cat hospital where she worked for nearly 10 years. She moved back to Boise in 2004 and came to Companions as a technician. After working as a veterinary technician for almost 5 1/2 years she left to go back to school to become a phlebotomist. She worked for a laboratory drawing blood on "hairless" patients for nearly 3 years before deciding she missed the hairy animals too much! She came back to Companions as a receptionist in May of 2014. Alaine has 3 spoiled rotten fuzzball children at home.

  • Fletcher

    Fletcher was adopted in 2013 from the Wood River Valley Animal Shelter in Hailey, Idaho. Dr. Powell thinks he is about 5 years old now, although she secretly hopes he will never age. He is one of those few dogs that can smile, and when he does, it wrinkles up his nose and makes him sneeze - it's very funny and endearing. He's always been a sweet and mellow guy. Not knowing his background, she submitted a Royal Canin Witness genetic profile which revealed that Fletcher is a mix of Border Collie, Australian Shepherd, and Tibetan Terrier. It follows, as he is a good working dog. He loves to sit up in the lobby and watch people come and go, and is becoming increasingly confident in asking for treats from strangers. He's generally pretty quiet at work, but will come and grunt or nudge us at our desks if he wants to be given affection. Outside of work, he loves to go for walks with his dog friends and keep them in line with his mad herding skills.

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